Our Vision and Values

At Centurion Multi Academy Trust we are pioneers in leading learning, champions in leading achievement and trailblazers in leading success for all.

Our vision is to cultivate an educational environment where innovation, dedication and collaboration converge to empower every learner to excel, ensuring a pathway to lifelong success and fulfillment.

This overriding mission underpins all governance considerations. Across all layers of Centurion Multi-Academy Trust leadership we are mindful of our collective mission and vision statement.

Leading Learning, Leading Ambition, Leading Success.

The role of our Trustee Board and school governing bodies – Academy Education Boards (AEB) are key to defining, implementing and quality assuring our key aims.

  • An outstanding inclusive education for all
  • An innovative school improvement mechanism that uses contextual and data driven insights to inform continuous¬†professional development
  • Strategic¬†governance with excellent expertise to support and challenge
  • Workforce development and wellbeing