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Welcome from our CEO

As Chief Executive Officer it is an honour and a privilege to lead Centurion Multi-Academy Trust.

We have been working hard to build our trust for a January 2024 implementation. We have worked hard to ensure we have the necessary capacity and infrastructure to facilitate the success of our pupils, staff and academies. We are proud that we have established a stable base to enable our trust to grow.









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Explore the latest updates and achievements from our Centurion schools

Reception had a busy day!

Celebrated Earth Day ✅
Created a wormery ✅
Discussed ways to look after our planet ✅
Cleaned up our outdoor area ✅

#HPPSRAPolitePandas #HPPSRBMarvellousMonkeys #EarthDay2024

Year 1 have began their new unit ‘Hit, Catch and Run’ in their PE sessions. We started with a warm up of ‘Blob Tag’ where if you were caught by the ‘tagger’ you joined onto them (the children loved it!) We then practised rolling different sized balls with our hands before ending with a ...game. #dcpspanda #dcpspolarbear #dcpsPE #dcpscore

Year 1 had a fantastic time participating in their Daily Mile on Thursday. We made sure we kept our heart rates up by running, skipping, hula hooping and many more activities. #dcpspanda #dcpspolarbear #dcpsPE #dcpscore #dailymile #yourschoolgames

This afternoon year 2 took advantage of the sunshine and took their PE lesson outdoors. We took part in various races, competing against the other people in our team of 3. The winner was the person who had their foot on the cone first. Lots of tactics were involved as we thought about how we could ...make a strong start and how our arm movements could help propel us along even quicker. Then we upleveled our races with an added challenge - balancing a quoit or bean bag on our head, jumping a hurdle or throwing and catching a ball. We learned a lot about team spirit and being gracious if we didn’t win. #dcpsdragon #dcpsdinosaur #dcpspe #dcpscore

#HPPS2AExcellenteagles enjoyed their COJO mission creating bridges using spaghetti and marshmallows. There was some brilliant communication and teamwork on display. 👏🏻⭐️

The Turtles were super explorers this afternoon. We have started our new topic ‘Tomb Raiders’, learning all about the ancient Egyptians. We researched who Howard Carter was and why he is important. We then created a mini biography all about him! #dcpscore #dcpsturtle #dcpstopic #dcpshistory

Year 3 Turtles enjoyed their daily mile exercise yesterday! We stayed active for 15 minutes and kept our hearts pumping. #dcpsturtle #dcpscore #dcpspe #dailymile #yourschoolgames