Family Gateway

Centurion Multi Academy Trust and Family Gateway work together as a community partnership to provide wrap around child and family support to promote school readiness and aspiration.

Our holistic integrated approach combines the resources and expertise of a multi academy trust & Family Gateway’s comprehensive support system for children, their families and the community. This approach addresses educational, social, emotional and practical  needs in a unified approach.

Working together we identify barriers to learning and development and address them through early intervention to promote readiness for school as well as learning and personal development at any age. Collaboration fosters stronger connections between schools and the communities they serve, building a sense of belonging and shared responsibility for individuals, families and their children.

Together we optimise our resources to ensure services and support are clearly identified and targeted. We strategically allocate funding and support where it is most needed. Our community has access to a wider range of services, including health care, nutrition, fitness and mental health support. Parenting and community workshops, resources and support groups empower our communities to improve outcomes for each other and our children.

Joint strategic and operational delivery from Centurion Multi Academy Trust and  Family Gateway has a positive educational impact on our children, their families and the community.